SuperPitch is an independent Music House founded and directed by Kouz, an international leader in sound design and music production. From finding that one ideal track in our own catalog to cratedigging for the perfect sync or producing striking and original compositions, depending on what your project requires, trust that we’ve got the talent and the means.

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SuperPitch Songs
SONGS is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to COMPILATIONS OF SONGS: lots of SONGS, in EVERY GENRE.
Super sync-friendly, tailor-made by quality, inspired songwriters and performers. You’ll find them organized in genre and style, with clear and outlined themes. These are the kind of songs that’ll end up in your new vintage iPod. On repeat.

SuperPitch Thema
THEMA is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to THE GREAT AUDIOVISUAL THEMES OF THE BROADCAST WORLD.
These tracks are ideally crafted for narrative programs – factual pieces, documentaries, TV shows or fiction. Expect ambitious scores, different cinematic moods and beds. This is the ultimate toolbox to support storytelling and explore human emotions. If you listen closely, you might even find the hidden meaning of life.

SuperPitch Style
STYLE is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC SORTED BY GENRE.
It’s the perfect library for daytime TV broadcasts, radio programs, digital content and commercials that demand a creative and current touch! Our music is handcrafted in our in-house studios. Expect the highest standards, from hi-end instrumentals to idents to beds. With style, s’il-vous-plaît.

SuperPitch Artist Series
ARTIST SERIES is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to ARTISTIC, PERSONAL, AND AMBITIOUS ALBUMS, ahead of expectations and trends.
These records are usually made by uniquely talented musicians (as in, not your usual pack-of-the-library rats). We brief them, we give them a CARTE BLANCHE of sorts, with enough time and space to work. Bam! Sparks fly and great, inspiring music happens. From super syncfriendly to “huh.. what the…?”

SuperPitch Trailer Blaze
TRAILER BLAZE is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to epic and intense PREMIUM TAILOR-MADE TRACKS FOR TRAILERS AND PROMOS.
With powerful hybrid orchestras, heart-pounding drums and action-packed scores, our mind-shattering compositions know no borders and infuse advertising, cinematic and game trailers with rich dynamics. Main and alternate versions, as well as stems for all tracks, are also available. We rise. You conquer.

SuperPitch World Map

WORLD MAP is SuperPitch’s collection label dedicated to FOLK, REGIONAL OR TRADITIONAL music from EVERYWHERE AROUND THE GLOBE, inspired by the past or sourced locally today.
Designed to encompass the various cultures our world has to offer, these albums are inventive, authentic, historically or culturally relevant. They also offer hybrid versions with electronic mixes and sharp, modern arrangements that suit different mediums. Think local, go global.


Armani Code with “Barker” by Harshman

Armani Crema Nera with “ARI

Fondation de France with “Blaze of Glory” by Spottiswoode

Hermes with “Left hand Swing” from our Piano solo album

US TV series Kindown S2EP09  “Blaze of Glory” by Spottiswoode

US TV series The Magicians S1EP05  “Dans l’Jeu” by Blackmo The Hyper

Volvic  Eruption with “Trial Combat By” by Sandy Lavallart

Activia/Danone with Always On The Run by Frederic Kooshmanian

Louis XIII with Suspended Time by Frederic Kooshmanian

and many more….


The Passing Of Time won Best use of Music Production in Digital Advertising at the Mark Awards (2017)

Summer Dance won Best EDM Track at the Mark Awards (2017)

The Art Of Progress (Robin Leclair Remix) won Best use of Music Production in Digital Advertising at PMA London (2017)

Blaze Of Glory won Best use of Music Production in a TV Drama at the Mark Awards (2016)

All I Got won Best Country Song at the Mark Awards (2016)

The Arch won Best Folk Song at the Library Music Award (2015)

Timeout by Harshman won Best Dance Track at the Mark Awards (2015)