Majestic Nature #2 – Cinematic & Hybrid Landscapes

Get ready to be swept off your feet. Open your eyes to the majestic worldly wonders and spectacular landscapes our planet has on display, and dive beyond traditional odysseys. The vibe is a bit ambient, with mesmerizing uplifting strings and peaceful synths that lift your soul and connect you with the open spaces. The arrangements sustain an overall panoramic and soaring feeling, with a hybrid take on Nature’s spectacular wealth of beauty, somewhere between cinematic, meditative electronic influences and orchestral instrumentations that could have you downright tripping. From your classic wildlife documentary to your experiential nature content, from corporate video to full-blown dramas, from extreme sports documentaries to alpinism, space or aquatic sequences, these mesmerizing, gorgeous, uplifting or melancholic compositions will send you exploring the vastness of our awe-inspiring universe.