Girls in Power #2 – Female Swagger Indie Rock

More Riot Grrrls inspired crunchy pop rock songs is exactly what our new GIRLS IN POWER series needs. Strong, confident, determined… The future might be female, but in this XXIst century, the present is girl-powered, yes sir! Heavy or cocky guitar riffs for high energy, percussive and dynamic drums, bold lyrics, audacious bass lines, fearless beats…. These tracks are about attitude, swagger, melodic assertiveness and reckless empowerment. Enough said, lots to do: this is perfectly suited for Teenage content, Sport, girl power messages, teen tv, college movies, feminist revolutions, rebels and belles with fierce as their middle name, tv commercials and coming of age teen movies. Will also do great on anything and everything, because girls and women and females are a tidal and universal force to be reckoned with, whatever the context. Make some space, world, while they make some noise. There, we said it.