Life Quest — Inspiring Human Adventure

Sometimes, what we need is a slow, steady build up that takes its time to rise and reach its musical climax without overdoing it. Life Quest is an orchestral album that does just that. Additional hybrid tracks help complete the offer. Small, restrained build-ups that slowly soar and expand to convey intense drama but always remain dignified. These heartfelt, poignant, cinematic and emotional pieces offer an expansive and awe-inspiring quality. Evocative of great accomplishments, they’re an encouragement to explore and discover the world on a sail boat. So challenge yourself, if you heed the call, and be heroic. Go beyond the limits with courage and audacity. Hopeful, glorious, life-affirming, this is an album for travelers and storytellers, perfectly suited for Documentary, Fashion, Leisure, Lifestyle, Sport, Film, Corporate, Sport, Luxury contents and Life Quests, Human Adventures, Nature, Earth and Wildlife scenes, Personal Quests.