Zone Blanche (Original Soundtrack)

Zone Blanche (Original Soundtrack)

The new France 2 crime drama’s original soundtrack is as fickle as the scenes that it illustrates. It manages to capture Nature and its wide landscapes as well as it underlines what mysteries the forest might be holding; it conveys the unspeakable, unveils the invisible, flirts with the humor found in some of the situations, which borders on absurd sometimes.

Musical direction
For directors Thierry Poiraud and Julien Despaux, this series is a « lyrical and fantasy western » which merges several genres which the music needed to reflect. It had « to show the invisible, the strangeness of the locations (…), to emphasize the main character’s trauma, to evoke the fantastic side of the story, and to emerge from the inmost depths of the forest. »

Prize-winner of the FIPA D’OR 2017 for best original music written for a series, it is both mesmerizing and intimate, and the result of a specific work put on the natural and synthetic sound textures.

Music developed around themes that match the characters:
Over the episodes, these themes are developed thanks to « orchestral variations » (tempo, key and sound design changes). The surroundings, the town (Villefranche) and especially nature (the abyss, the cave, the forest) are also put to music, like characters of the series in their own right.

Sound treatment that showcases the organic music:
« We chose acoustic and electric guitar, church organs and string instruments (violin, double bass) played in a chamber orchestra way. We deliberately emphasized vibrations, crackling and the breaths of the instruments. »


Original Music: Thomas Couzinier and Frédéric Kooshmanian for “Zone Blanche” (SUPIOST_02)
Additional Music: “Radio Zone Blanche” by SuperPitch & MYMA (SUPIOST_03)

Scriptwriter: Mathieu Missoffe
Directors: Thierry Poiraud and Julien Despaux
Script: Antonin Martin‐Hilbert and Florent Meyer
Production: Ego Production 
Co-production: Be‐Films
With the participation of: France Télévisions