Vikings & Pagan Magic – Scandinavian Alchemy

The wiccas, the wizards, the Viking warriors, the shamans, the sorcerer kings and sorceress queens of all things eerie and mysterious are here gathered. See them standing in the magic celebratory circle, watch them grow and build up and rise with the moon. This is a beautiful, emotional, atmospheric album with a delicate and lively spirit. These sparse, suspenseful and esoteric tracks combine traditional instruments like bagpipes, flutes, percussions, harps, dissonant strings or humming horns. Hear the sounds that make the legends, the echoes of ancient medieval tales forgotten. Prepare to honor the sacrifices made and let the shamans heal their way into your soul. Perfectly, ideally, magically suited for historical and period films, costume dramas, Scandinavian documentaries, landscapes and panoramas, and anything Celtic, Nordic, or magic-related.