Trailer Rock — Action-packed adrenaline

It takes the challenge of a lifetime to conquer your inner strength. Looking for rousing, unstoppable and relentless hybrid rock tracks to keep you going? Be aggressive, be explosive. Powerful guitar riffs, threatening arpeggiated basslines, pounding drums are all you need to maintain your heroic grit and bombastic determination at their optimum levels. Add a few dark and filthy synths here and there, and you have it: action-packed, fearless, confident, bold and massive rock instrumentals that will give build-up or a cinematic quality your action & adventure advertising trailers, video games, car chases, extreme sport sequences and other promos the tough and victorious oomph they deserve. Triumph and swag included.

Evil West


Developers: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Music: Wild Rider by Philippe Briand (SUPITR 5004)