Ireland #1 – Cinematic Tales & Stories

Irish Celtic music is a world of its own: always powerful, with a pang of melancholy, enigmatic and dramatic, it carries the weight of history and the dignity of the Irish people. These panoramic tracks stand somewhere between tradition and reinvention - aerial pads and acoustic guitar, melodic flutes, emotional harp and harpsichord, dynamic or light percs, tormented strings and bagpipes highlights, enigmatic shimmering drones, somber sf, choir or solo male or female vocals, concertina and banjo… The complexity and beauty of Irish music tells many stories, at the crossroads of wartime and romantic love, filled with banshees, warriors, tales and legends, battles won and loved ones lost. These tracks will find their place in Period and Historical Films, Irish and Celtic backdrops, of course, documentary, period dramas, fiction, folklore, and timeless myths.