Polynesia #1 – Pacific Ocean Postcards

This album is filled with Polynesian themes that will make you feel good and remind you of the Pacific ocean, its lagoons, its white sand beaches… Warm ukulele and acoustic guitar, light percs, shakers, marimbas and congas, occasional more percussive tribal beats and shouts… Polynesia’s musical tradition, which naturally revolves around the wonderfully magical ukulele, is embedded with sweetness and warmth. These instrumental tracks are at once tender and relaxed, delicate and positive, and shine bright like the sun over a paradise island or Tahiti-like sunset. They’ll beam happily on a variety of content: Leisure, Lifestyle, Travel, Holiday, Beach, Sun, Tropical, Seaside, Summer, Polynesia scenes, sun, beach, desert island, paradise island, oceanside and holiday scenes, as well as nature and geo-ethnic documentaries.