Southern Spain #1 – Gypsy Flamenco Guitar

Classic Spanish acoustic guitar holds a particular power over us, but traditional flamenco was turned around when the Roma (Gypsies) of Andalusia, in Southern Spain settled in the country. Since then, the genre has evolved. This is an instrumental album dedicated to modern Gypsy flamenco themes with Spanish acoustic guitars that convey passion, sensuality, excitement and warmth. Mostly bright and positive, they sometimes steer towards a certain melancholic, emotional depth. Light percs occasionally come in to add a sense of ardor. These heartfelt tracks are lively, intense, spirited, or tender. They tell stories of romance, love, passion, and drama. They are ideally suited for travel and summer content, scenes and documentaries featuring Gypsies and Flamenco, traditional flamenco dance scenes, Spanish topics, and the heating sun of Andalusia shining upon burning passions.