Africa #2 – Cinematic Wildlife & Landscapes

Africa’s wild, fierce, tender, warm and gorgeous landscapes has inspired some of the greatest works in film and documentary. The continent harbors some of the most ancient, and some of the most modern cultures. It’s also the crib to incredible musical know-how. The spirit of adventure resonates in this beautiful, upbeat, album - sometimes sweet or joyful, at other times tense or mysterious. In addition to your occasion bird sounds and other animal fx, the use of authentic instruments like kora, ethnic percs like congas and djembe, udu, balafon marimba, ney flute, ngoni, sitar infuses this lively ode to Africa in a respectful, honoring way. The tracks also explore a range of vocal sounds, such as Zulu voices, Arkhis scream, muezzin voices or warm vocals. Can you hear the wildlife of the Savannah, the hummer of African villages, the ancestral tales of the land? These tracks will happily serve a wide range of images, from documentary to leisure, lifestyle, travel or nature, and anything related to the great plains and traditional knowledge of Africa.