Percussion Trailer #2 – High Percussive Energy

Because there’s no such thing as too much rhythm in trailer music, here’s a different take on drums, where percussions take the high energy road. How high? Well, let’s just say that this particular percussive and hectic urban jungle road is paved with snares, piccolo snares, High School snare, timbales, sticks, hi hats, and other metal percussion. Oh, and ticking sfx, heavy sfx, running sfx, sharp sfx, industrial fx... You get the effect. So, yeah, pretty high, from lively or pensive, with a rather intense and dramatic overall feel and suspenseful themes. Think nervous protagonists facing (or chasing) dangerous threats and dangers. Perfect for action, TV promo, action adventure, thrillers, sports, combats, competitions & game, time sensitive scenes and… trailers. Duh.