Reality TV Show #4 – Sea, Sun, Dance & Pop

This is an album that simply wouldn’t restrict itself to just one genre. Sure, it’s all about fine, feelgood and uplifting instrumental dance pop tracks. But it manages to seamlessly navigate the 90s and their groovy funky vibe, the warm and summery tropical and latin world, the EDM slash electro realms, and even rolls its way into the reggaeton scene. Flying drum machines, driving guitar hooks, cool synth melodies… These inspirational, romantic and positive tracks will turn the heat up for all your Reality TV, romances, Daytime TV (shopping network advertising, anyone?), Leisure & Lifestyle content, especially when lit up by tropical seaside scenes drenched in sunshine, and of course summer holidays, beach, travel tutorials and more. Oh, and TV beds. Because, again, why restrict yourself when you can dance it out?