Cartels & Narcos – Latin American Mysteries

Latin America offers a wealth of culture, mystery, and various contexts, including drug trafficking, power struggles amongst clans and families, and drama in the purest sense. These Latin influenced themes convey a sometimes melancholic, always quite eerie atmosphere: light rhythms, mostly slow to mid-tempo, are central to this rather somber, yet tender album, as is the classic acoustic guitar. Beautiful strings, light percs, tender piano notes, bandoneon highlights, whistling and bells and wind instruments such as ethnic flutes complement each track accordingly. These themes, filled with enigmas, investigations and dark emotions, reminiscent of tango and merengue and bossa nova inspirations, will be perfect backdrops to many great masterpieces, on the big and on the small screen. They’ll ideally suit Dramas, Mysteries, Documentaries, Jungle and tropical settings, Adventures in Latin America, Latin drama and romance, and scenes taking place in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, or Amazonia!