Investigation #19 – Dead Ghosts & Living Creeps

Let’s investigate the stranger than strange. The weird. The horrific. The supernatural. The out of this world. All that, and more, lies in this album filled with dark themes that will creep the living life out of you. Eerie, suspended glocks, ominous pads, somber and mysterious strings, suspenseful perc highlights, otherworldly choirs, tense and sharp sfx, ominous bass and drones… Hearts beating frantically and eyes tightly closed. Ghosts are alive. Souls are dead. Frightening creatures give us the chills. All of which is perfect for all things related to Horror Film, Halloween, and otherworldly dramas. Ideally suited for investigating the truth out there, fantastic mystery, basic mystery, spooky mystery, disturbing mystery, and mysterious mystery. Clear enough? Uncannily so.