Cooking Show #4 – Kitchen Fun & Pizzicato

These fun and funny instrumental themes are at once mischievous, cheeky, and comical. Filled with stealthy pizz and strings, comedic woodwinds, hopping, ticking or dripping chromatic percs, they’re all about making a mess in the kitchen. Naughty and nice, playful and malicious, they feel like the perfect snack stolen standing on the tip of your toes to reach the top of the counter. Guilty? Absolutely. But in a cheeky, farcical way. With a chef’s hat. Get the stove running. Will John come up with a new, surprising twist on the classic baked potato? Will Daria break down or smash her burgers just right? Baked to perfection for cooking, food and games shows, quiz games, reality TV, children programs, daytime content and anything with a kitsch component to it.