Human Stories #3 – Mother Nature’s Daydreams

A tender, delicate, playful, sometimes melancholic album filled with cute, folksy melodic instrumentals with toy instruments, piano and synths, acoustic guitars, celesta, clarinet, marimba, pizz, glock, harp and other light, suspended instruments, music box and tuba highlights create an overall dreamy environment. Sweet like a family of ducklings, a basket filled with kittens, an Easter egg hunt, a family Nature documentary, the vibe is at times funny and slightly comedic, often magical, enchanted, naive and warm, and sometimes slightly darker. These tracks are perfectly suited for intimate stories, leisure content, narratives, gardening, outdoor/rural/countryside/pastoral settings, cooking, kids and toddlers and babies, as well as storytelling, fantasy, adventure, story-reading, fairy tales, light dramedy, mischievous and funny scenes.