Classical Revisited #2 – Masterpieces Go Gypsy

The worldwide famous Bolero taken on by a Gypsy Guitar! Unexpected encounters make for a perfect match. The incomparable passion, warmth and playfulness of Spanish Gypsy guitar gives a new life to classical greats by Rossini, Bach, Mozart, Bizet, Brahms and more! These tracks are the double whammy you’ve been waiting for. With the added twist of the Flamenco Gipsy Guitar, classical music sounds bright, cheerful and carefree, and gives a certain naughty, cheeky and comedic bite to some of the most famous classical masterworks. Always delicate, consistently surprising, these cheeky interpretations will enliven everything, from your comedies and rom-coms to leisure, lifestyle and travel content, scenes in Spain, love scenes, and even art house films.