Leisure & Lifestyle #4 – Viral Urban Street Dancing

Short, easy breezy insta-ready, inner-city street dance themes tailor-made for those infectiously viral short and fun videos helmed by young content creators out there. Mostly instrumentals with the occasional vocal sample, they take us straight to the city, its nightlife, its fashion, showbiz partying scene, and its clubs dominated by excited teens and celebrity sightings in the VIP area. Confident, melodic, bold, bright, sometimes brash or ticking, with latin-urban trap, fingersnaps, lively beats, rising sfx, ticking snares, dreamy and smooth pads, bouncy synth bass lines, pulsating synths, handclaps, these are tracks that find their way into any teenage-oriented lifestyle scene, breakdance, grinds, sidewalks and anything related to skate culture, clubbing or party sequences, and TV commercials. Bounce, dance, live and feel free.