Christmas Holiday Spirit #3 – Children's Xmas

Designed to bring positive, emotional, playful or suspenseful Christmas touches to all your TV programs & promo, an album with evocative sleigh bells, delicate percs, playful woodwinds, hopping, sparkling or melodic bells, gentle, beautiful strings, delicate synth effects and piano melodies will work their Winter Wonderland magic. This Xmas album focuses on lighthearted, gentle Holiday spirit themes that build up and delicately take you on their merry, merry, festive season. So, celebrate joyfully, and warm up your family moments, or Santa’s marvelous journey around the world’s Xmas trees. These tracks are ideally suited for everything and anything related to Xmas, Christmas Eve, and the holiday season. They’ll bring smiles of joy to families, children, kids and tweens alike.