Retro Comedy #5 – 90’s Big Beat Good Vibes

A retro 90’s Big Beat oriented album with a positive, upbeat, and feel-good vibe that isn’t afraid of sharing the fun. Excited, cheerful, carefree even, these big beat tracks feature confident male or female vocals with fun gimmicks, warm arrangements, sunny guitars or brass, lively drums with energetic breaks, bright sfx and the use of various instruments from organs to flutes, horns, bells… This Big Beat album makes you want to bounce around and live life at its fullest. Playful, upbeat, cheerful, melodic and bouncy, these big beats will give added wealth and unlimited oomph to Teen, Youth and Sport contents, teen TV programs, lifestyle & leisure, action drama scenes, holiday and beach parties, 90s UK clubbing and parties where there’s never one DJ too many. The tracks are especially suited for anything where speed is key: races, snowboard and surf scenes will love them. They’ll also do great in comedies, action comedies and buddy movies.