Prehistoric & Neolithic – Music for Caves, Bones & Stones

Back in the days, in the initial cultural periods of mankind, particularly the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras, cavemen & dinosaurs enjoyed a life of leisure and, sometimes, after a long, suspenseful day of hunting and chasing, got bored with the simplicity of a Plato fable told around the campfire. While it’s, well, impossible to know for certain what prehistoric music sounded like under the bright new, ominous stars of our newborn world, music historians and experts have a pretty good idea. Sparse, minimalist percs, enigmatic flute, tribal chants, rain sticks, lurking woodwinds and didgeridoos. And since we can’t use the stones carved by Homo sapiens, as well as certain Homo neanderthalis, we went for the closest thing: cutting-edge sfx and percussive hits. These tracks will leave their echoing imprint on any Prehistoric Documentary, Film, Period, Historical and Costume Dramas, Scenes set in Nature, religious, spiritual and shamanistic sequences, and anything ritualistic or indigenous needing an authentic feel.