Art House Tension #3 – By Denis Levaillant

Bring on your frantic, your anxious, your agitated scenes. Lay out your dark, agitated, flustered sequences. Where do these crossroad paths lead us? To a world of games and mysteries. Contemporary French composer Denis Levaillant is once again proven guilty of musical mastery. A bit crazy, a tad buoyant, and there you have it: Volume 9 is filled with complex, tense, atonal, arrhythmic, exciting and edgy themes. Strings, sax and other wind instruments like the oboe and the bassoon. Accordions, piano, flutes and marimbas. Intertwining arrangements, tense and anxious moods… Levaillant always exceeds his ambitious goals. Yeah, the French do it better. Perfectly suited for Drama, Suspense, Tension, Film, Art House, Dramedy and Art house movies.