Halloween Party #1 – Supernatural trick or treating

Hey kids, can you feel the magic? A pinch of cartoonish organs, some mischievous theremin powder, a dab of orchestral arrangements and you’ve got the perfect magic potion to turn your favorite night into a tense, spooky but mostly enchanting evening! Ghostly instruments, like, ominous organs, hitting bells, tense strings and harpsichords, haunted woodwinds, bells and glock, orchestral percs hits… It’s halloween. Halloween, on a full moon. Halloween, and its horror stories. October 31st unleashes the supernatural and opens the gates between ours and that other world. Nighttime haunting evil lurks. Everything feels strange, weird, and fun. These tracks will transcend your Halloween scenes, do great for Fantasy, Adventure, ghost or horror stories, trick or treating sequences, haunted house scares, and quickly become a staple for the dark witches and wizards looking for a fun night out.