Bouncy Trap Beats – Beat It, Break It, Trap It

More than just another collection of trap tracks. Somewhere on the West Coast, between big bouncy electro trap beats and unwaveringly powerful hip hop break vibes, here’s an exciting, offbeat album. Picture yourself in a cool, sleek, low ride, boldly eating up the asphalt and the bustling surrounding streetlife. The mood is euphoric, fun, hypnotic. The atmosphere is fresh, wild, light-hearted and restless. Playful vocals, deep big punchy basses, electro beats and synths. Perky or strong, cheerful or majestic, and everything in between to shake your booty and express your true, best badass self. Will work great as background or in Advertising, and on all your Sport, Party, Bar, Leisure, Lifestyle, Reality TV, Youth and Teen Daytime.