90’s Big Beat – Juice for speed

This is a highly 90s oriented Big Beat album that is bound to hit home. Bold, percussive, driven big beat tracks, excited and confident male or female vocals, energetic (one might say frenzy) breaks, sharp sfx and guitar riffs that amp up the arrangements… With this Big Beat album, you can’t help but feel strong, powerful, and at your sharpest. This is a busy album, tailor-made for nervous, hectic content looking for added drive and energy. Playful or tense, feel-good or bold, these big beats will give added wealth and unlimited oomph to Teen, Youth and Sport contents, teen TV programs, lifestyle & leisure, action drama scenes, holiday and beach parties, 90s UK rave and club scenes. The tracks are especially suited for anything where speed, chase and risk are key: races, snowboard and surf scenes will love them.