70's Funk Soul – Badassploitation Vibes

Blaxploitation is one of the most unique genres in film. Born in the 70s, it became a cultural movement with a political edge to it, illustrated by strong, groovy and dynamic soundtracks that put funk and soul at the center of everything. Fierce, confident, smooth, romantic, tender or cocky, with irresistibly groovy bass lines, light-hearted organs, confident or sleek strings, bright, warm brass lines, dynamic drums. These tracks are bright hommages to Black African-American culture, its heroes and heroines, its powerful creativity and its unique, original sense of irony. It’s the perfect mix of ambition and cheesy sassiness, coolness and creamy, tender dynamic. They’re musical backdrops and they’ll work their magic on blaxploitation masterpieces, Award shows, Showbiz, Documentaries, 1970 inspired films, spy movies, b movies, and historical documentaries or pieces.