Ukulele Pop Flavors #2 – Hikes, Strolls & Fresh Flowers

Need a little fresh air? Head for the outdoors on a sunny day, with the right hiking shoes (or an open top car driven by your best friend) and a yukulule strapped on your back. You never know what joys and hopes this happy day might hold. These cheerful, bright, catchy ukulele tracks will have you hopping along, carefree and positive. Expect joyous whistling, light drums, piano highlights, warm acoustic guitars, glock and finger snapping included. Add subtle female vocals here and there, enchanting male or female choirs, and even a banjo or a sax as welcome additions. There you have it: Upbeat music, tailor-made to bring lightness and liveliness to your daytime tv programs, any family movie, romantic comedy, teen tv. Also works great for tween content, garden diy tutorials, ads and commercials, and all leisure outdoors or bucolic sequences. Ukulele makes everything better.