Pop Dance in Love – Moody on the dancefloor

Moody love songs… They’re everywhere, because love itself can be moody. But can they dance? This is a best-of-both-worlds Pop Dance album: Aerial, hovering or bright pads and synths, bouncy or lively beats, confident, dynamic or heavy deep bass lines, subtle guitar riffs, subtle piano highlights, male or female vocals… These songs are at times tender, emotional or downright funky, with even a track in Spanish. Love in its many shapes and forms! These tracks are ideally suited for teenager narratives, from teen tv to teen drama and teen romance. They’ll lift up your style, makeover, Lifestyle & Leisure content, and can also easily steer your Reality TV, modern romances and rom-coms onto the dancefloor. We even challenge party goers, clubbers, celebs and influencers to find the song that says it all.