Back to R&B Soul – 60s & 70s Groove

In the pantheon of music, Soul stands high. This album is a beacon of 60s and 70s classic soul songs with male or female vocals, a collection of groovy, positive, and inspiring tracks to keep you motivated and optimistically sassy, as well as a few melancholic, bittersweet, emotional ones thrown in the mix for good measure. Tight or dynamic rhythms, suspended hammond, groovy bass lines, electric guitar, brass, enthralling horns, brass or vibe highlights, expressive staccato strings or piano notes… You’ll even find backing vocals or choirs to bring up the hope. These bright, sentimental and ALWAYS sensual, soulful songs will bring a soft or expressive glow to your Daytime TV, Lifestyle & Leisure content, family movies, romance rom-coms. Also great for love stories, friendship-related narratives and, of course, blaxploitation features, USA backdrops, Motown references, and Drama. Soul is for everyone. For the best reasons.