Neo 90s House Music – Raving, Clubbing, Voguing

Looking for feelgood House Music clubbing songs to transport you in today’s voguing ballrooms or a 90s rave party? This positive, confident and carefree album is just that, with its revisited, campy and soulful modern vibe. The songs are upbeat with a vintage feel, with male and/or female vocals, lively bouncy beats, bright piano stabs or synths melodies, the occasional organ or strings. With lyrics evocative and optimistic, speaking of love, self-realization, party life and moving forward from Ibiza to Chicago, from London to New York. Perfect for clubbing, dancing, Drag Queen Divas, LGBTQIA+, Teenager content, Fashion, Leisure, Lifestyle, Nighttime, DJs, VIP, celebs & influencers, beach parties.