Italo Disco Hits – 70’s & 80’s Italian Pop

Italo Disco, aka Italo Pop, aka Italo… Lively, groovy, and carefree, the music genre dominated over, if not the world, several international music charts in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Originating from Italy (surprise!), where it was considered the embodiment of electronic pop, it’s got that unique Euro hi-NRG (high energy) vibe, with its perfectly over-the-top blend of electronic drum machines, synthesizers, and occasional vocoders. Disco-ish strings or synths, groovy electric guitar and funk basslines, lively drums or pads, but there’s more: Italo (for the connoisseurs out there) would not be complete without upbeat male or female vocal performances that really… feel it, whatever that might be. So brace yourselves, because - like all things cheesy and corny and kitsch, these vintage tracks are simply irresistible and highly conducive to partying, dancing, and reinventing the dolce vita on backlit dancefloors. Feeling the Italian cinema fever? Look no further. Italo is best suited for 80s scenes located in Italia but, truly, will whip up their magic within vintage or comedy sequences.