Vermont – Changing Colors

We’re pleased to release the first EP by Vermont, a songwriter collective featuring Sebastien Pintiaux, Anis Bahmed, and Phil Roche. These warm, bright folks songs feel like a journey to the gorgeous, peaceful and glorious rolling hills of Vermont. They shine their light through subtle acoustic guitar notes, dynamic or light drums, heartfelt male vocals and gentle instrumentation, from piano highlights to subtle pads or tender glock. Each track feels like an ode to the natural beauty of life, human connections and a simpler life filled with love. These are hopeful, mellow or upbeat, always catchy songs, with added backing vocals here and there for good measure, which will ideally suit Family movies, Lifestyle & Leisure content, indie films, teen tv, teen drama, teen romance, romance and romance drama. They’ll even bring joy to your DIY videos. That’s the magic of Vermont.