C-Trox – Rage Town

C-Trox’s got a lot of stuff going in his head and puts it all in his music. Now based in Los Angeles, and already a gold certified songwriter/producer, C-Trox delivers songs that lie somewhere between rap, rock, alternative, pop-punk and hip-hop: bright or heavy synths, smooth rhythms or pulsing beats, sharp sfx and saturated electric guitar riffs, and more. His first contribution to SuperPitch’s Artist Series is a short, perfect reflection of his ability to take the listener along for the ride, across his different moods, with dark, provocative and driven lyrics. The songs oscillate between cheerful, positive, upbeat and confident, and more quiet, melancholic or somber vibes. Perfect for teenage show, college movie, urban life, rap, trap, Los Angeles scenes, young generation, USA teens, teen dramas, romantic comedy, fashion, American college, teen holidays, teen party, youth tv, indie romance.