Nicolas Martin – Inner String Quartet #2

Nicolas Martin is a string prodigy, whose greatest talent, one of many, is his ability to conjure timeless emotions. In this new album, his contemporary string quartet has crafted tracks that echo the passion and drama at work in the human condition with emotion. Twirling or hopping strings, gorgeous and tense cello, suspended pizz… At once intense, sad, tormented, but equally sentimental and wistful, and at times hopeful, even, Martin’s arrangements for strings and piano melodically rise above standards to convey a unique tenderness that builds up with grace and soars like a thousand evolving souls. Ideally suited to underline, support or illustrate the turmoils of drama: human drama, romance drama, castle life, royalty, high society, heartbreaks, nostalgia, hopeful storytelling in all its shapes and forms, with cinematic heart and depth.