Black Shelbys – On Our Own

The Black Shelbys are based between London and Malawi. They deliver powerful hip-hop tracks with male vocals rapping and a delicious crossover into the blues world. The result makes for an incredible album where confidence and drive are the keywords. The expected electric guitar/bass/drum combo takes it up a few cocky notches thanks to dynamic beats and groovy touches brought on by light organ, piano, or brass highlights, and masterful, inspired, rich vocals. At times heavy or emotional, generally upbeat, carefree and cheery, but always bluesy, and bold, these songs have a contemporary vintage quality to them that make them ideally suited for modern dramas, soulful urban-setting dramas and comedy, teen tv, teen drama, sports, extreme sports, Afro-American homages. A couple of these songs contain explicit lyrics but are mostly just what you need to get your move on.