Florent Gauthier – Neptune's Dream

Renowned French composer Florent Gauthier shows unique mastery in the art of harmony and counterpoint. He attended Pierre Boulez’ classes at the Collège de France in his youth, before joining the CNSMDP and following Alain Bancquart’s class. After graduating with a First Prize in Composition, he went to meet independent great composers such as Gyorgy Ligeti, Henri Dutilleux or André Boucourechliev. His first carte blanche for SuperPitch is an extraordinary sacred orchestral score that is nothing short of a soaring homage to musical greatness. Latin female choirs, suspended or slowly rising instruments - flutes, strings and woodwinds, subtly exploited pads… Gauthier creates a vast array of emotional tension and powerful sense of drama, which toy with the mind and the heart. Disturbed, menacing, haunting, ominous, these ambitious tracks deploy the sort of intensity, frenzy or confusion that are ideally suited for costume dramas, period movies and vintage thrillers.