Retro Comedy #3 — Breakbeat & 60's Groove

We’ve taken the best from the 60s and turned their quirky and fun groove into more contemporary beats. Aaaaah, the Sixties. The parties, the dancing and the free, sometimes psychedelic spirit of an era defined by a new, festive kind of entertainment, to say the least. Transposed and sampled into our time, this makes for positively flowing fun. There’s some acid jazz waiting for you. Some trippy Big Beat. And some Broken Beat too. Tune in to these quirky, upbeat, cheeky moods. Enjoy a little doowap, our toodoos, and the ooh oohs and aaaaahs. The vibe is carefree. Sometimes a little naughty. Brass, keyboards, kitschy percussive rhythms, handclaps, woodwinds that shine, playful jazz influences and riffs that rock like they used to. These rowdy and groovy tracks, with their youthful energy, will drive and propulse commercials, promos, teenage scenes, vintage party scenes, comedies, beach scenes and B movies.