Reality TV Show #2 — Tension & Countdown

What if Reality TV was, in fact, real life gone mad? Decisions, fear of failure, hopes crushed in a single moment… The tension and suspense can be unbearable and the clock is ticking with a sense of urgency. Can your team survive the threatening race against time? Will you solve the mystery? Can you answer the bonus question and win the quizz? Vol. 2 explores the gripping stress induced by game shows and survival adventures, with instrumental music beds and a touch of intriguing, puzzling and ominous, or downright uneasy. Overall, these tracks will have you captivated and absorbed. Just what you need for Reality TV, of course, but also programs like Game and quiz shows, Investigation and Forensic scenes, Thrillers, B Movies, Documentaries, Crimes and Murders, Daytime TV, Magazines, Psychological Dramas, Human Dramas, Political content, Legal & Courtroom programs, and so much more.