On-Air Broadcast #4 — Weather: Idents, Beds & News

Welcome to today’s weather forecast which predicts an overall glorious day, filled with sunshine and warm temperatures to ease our mood. These tracks (beds, ident, stings) will give your TV, podcasts and radio news content the calming, flowing and optimistic mood they deserve with airy and bright synths, soothing and delicate strings, and a general sense of chill, happy, peaceful and positive feelings. On-Air Broadcast Vol.4 will shower us with neutral and mellow instrumentals. These are the Radio and TV station or show beds and idents you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for Jingles, IDs, Logos, Branding, Music & Sonic Identity, content and programming in the realms of News and Current Affairs, Traffic, Weather, Daytime TV, science, Cosmetic and infomercial, technology, industry, business news, light news. They’re also a good fit for Meditation and Spiritual segments.