On-Air Broadcast #3 — Breaking: Idents, Beds & News

3… 2… 1… Newsflash! Broadcasting live, from wherever it’s happening, Volume 3 deploys everything you need to instill tension and urgency. These tracks (beds, ident, stings) will give your TV, podcasts and radio news content the intensity they deserve. Pulsing, intriguing, inspiring and determined, optimistic, insistent, solemn, or downright epic: there’s something for every kind of segment. Strings, percussions and synths elegantly work together to majestically convey the perfect dynamics. These are the Radio and TV station or show beds and idents you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for Jingles, IDs, Logos, Branding, Music & Sonic Identity, Current Affairs, Daytime TV, Business News and Light News, Bulletin News Themes, cutting-edge technology and innovation content, news and montages, live reports and investigative reporting, breaking news, game shows, Documentaries, Politics, Political Analysis, Daily News, and even Morning Shows!