The Halfside — Now or Never

Straight from the Parisian EDM scene, young French producer The Halfside electrifies us with his new high-energy and hard-driving techno house EP. It takes guts and grit to let your heart out on the dance floor, to push yourself beyond your own limits and party as hard as you work. These intense, euphoric, uplifting electronic songs with inspiring lyrics, motivational shout-out vocals, and pumping beats all the way are just what you need for your Summer beach parties from Ibiza to Miami or your hedonistic lifestyle on the Balearic isles. You’ll even find a love song or two. Albeit EDM-style. Exhilaratingly positive, they’ll illustrate over-the-top club and party scenes and other Spring Break pool events. Their infectious banger rhythms will also boost Lifestyle & Leisure or Daytime TV programs. Come on, put your heart into it. We got your back.