Nicolas Martin — Cinematic Heritage

Nicolas Martin translates life in its many facets. His new album, orchestral, timeless, elegant, sumptuous, full of emotion and hope, was recorded with a philharmonic orchestra. It takes us through the great outdoors, contemplating the passing of time, and summons the feelings aroused by the great sagas capable of leaving an imprint on our souls. Family, love, success, power games, forces of nature, regions and territories loaded with human adventures: the ambitious themes of CINEMATIC HERITAGE illustrate the struggles and aspirations of the great families who shape the world and transform their lives. Reverie, nostalgia, inspiration, heroism, hope, reconciliation and redemption: these instrumental tracks, where arrangements for strings and brass reign, are wonderfully suited for epic tragedies, dramatic or action scenes, great cinema films, animated films , animal documentaries and nature explorations. They will also infuse pure majesty or optimism into your more family or mainstream content.