Neo 80's Electro #4 – Night Drives & Neon Lights

All great eras leave us with more than haircuts, or shoe trends. The 80s marked a sharp turn in modern pop music, mostly thanks to the success of electronic keyboards and drums. Synths, as they’re now known, changed everything. Today, they carry the reminiscence of incredibly original (and equally terrible) movies, wonderfully awkward dance moves and nighttime neon lights. At times serious or ominous, at others bouncy and positive, these repetitive, driven, melodic instrumental tracks come complete with throbbing, saturated or aerial retro synths, smooth or percussive beats, sharp FX and intense bass lines. They convey the kind of emotional build-up that is perfect for teen tv, dramas or romance, indie films, video games, city settings, and any content pertaining to youth or fashion.