Neeskens — De Klok

Born in the Netherlands, Neeskens grew up in Quebec, before moving to France. Singing was something he did in his room, as a kid. Behind closed doors, he taught himself the piano and, soon enough, the guitar, in order to accompany his singing. He started his first band at age 17, performing live with some success, before choosing the solo path. After a first EP, released 4 years ago, and a number of songs written for advertising, his new EP offers us his own brand of acoustic pop-folk songs. Neeskens manages to convey a unique, hard-to-define brightness. His songs find their way to the heart, and his ability to brighten his songwriting using piano, pads, synths, light drums, and warm vocals, make him pretty irresistible. On the title track, sung in Dutch, and on the others, in English, Neeskens writes about love in all its contradictions, the passing of time, the importance of being in the now, and mixes deep, intimate metaphors with dreamlike, inspiring images.