Lost In Space — Ambient & Aerial Synths

Embark on a trip like no other, touch the stars and let yourself be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of the universe. In space, no one can hear you, but the truth is out there. These futuristic, flowing synth layers will transport you, your shuttle and your ship crew into levitation, en route for an aerial journey into the abstract unknown. Celestial melodies and spacey rhythms, reflective and suspended notes, otherworldly ambient and atmospheric arrangements… These sci-fi inspired tracks pulse because they have been where nobody has, and tell stories of worlds beyond ours. In an alternate dimension, and this one too, they work great for all contents pertaining to Science, Technology, Industry, Drama, Mystery, Modern Drama, Odyssey, Fantasy, Universe, Discovery, on Earth or on an Alien UFO. They’re also perfect for cosmic relief, through Meditation, Spiritual Enlightening and inner illumination.