Les Crevettes Pailletées – Original Soundtrack

Les Crevettes Pailletées / The Shiny Shrimp

Water polo team THE SHINY SHRIMPS have little hope of achieving their goal to compete in the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ sporting event, the Gay Games. Along comes World Silver Medalist swimmer Matthias Le Goff who, after making a homophobic remark on live TV, is offered redemption by means of training and reigning in the flamboyant Shrimps. The Shiny Shrimps, however, have other ideas. They prefer partying to serious practice. Should Matthias quit for selfish reasons or hit the road to Croatia with this unco-ordinated shoal of water divas and ensure that THE SHINY SHRIMPS will become Queens Of The Pool? Directed by Maxime Govare and Cédric Le Gallo.