Jean Schwarz – Ghosts in the Asylum

Our Artist Series allows us to extend cartes blanches to artists we admire. French composer Jean Schwarz, widely recognized for his contributions to Ina-Grm (concrete AND experimental, those were the days), explores a unique range in contemporary music that produces hypnotic, disturbing, ghostly and gripping electronic soundscapes that find their way into our disquieted souls. Amidst the eerie, hypnotic or ethereal synthetic textures, the relentless drums, the harps, the bell sounds, the digital glitches, the deep bass lines, you’ll even find the occasional trumpet or drone. The compositions are feverish, throbbing, mysterious, haunting, mesmerising, and manage to transport us in otherworldly dimensions where claustrophobia and hallucinations are the norm. Bring in the weird, embrace the sinister, and welcome the unknown. Perfect for horror films, psychological dramas, hallucination scenes, science-fiction, art house pieces, and anything dark.