Jean-Marc Foltz — Thrill Noir #2

Jean-Marc Foltz is back with a second volume of chilling and disjointed soundtrack music, tailor-made for documentaries, thrillers, dramas, and investigative topics. Filled with minimalist acoustic guitar, sharp strings, upright bass and haunting bass clarinet, this is contemporary expression at its highest. The architectural grandness of these instrumentals will embody with class the supernatural, the conceptual, the arty. The wildly eclectic and eloquent contemporary composer, with his particular brand of avant-garde jazz, slithers along surreal, eerie and weird paths. His soundscapes create a gripping sense of improvised and abstract melancholia. These weird pieces will intensify your art house indie films, human dramas, your film noirs, of course, anything pertaining to Art and Culture, your experimental and dark sequences. Let Foltz give added depth and boldness to your documentaries.