Investigation #10 — Geopolitics & Cyber-Security

Feeling the imperious and tense rise of a nuclear threat? Want to confront the environmental crisis? Looking to hack the cyber world? The industrial tracks in this album cultivate an ominous 80s vibe, and an East-German atmosphere of threat and danger. Sparse, dark and atmospheric, the mission is clear. Suspenseful, disturbing, growing and evolving, these are investigative themes at their core, that infuse the perfect amount of mystery and danger. They tightly wind their gloomy and dangerous vibes around your content. Suspended synth, aerial pads, pulsating beats, somber and repetitive FX, ticking drums… Their international flair makes them perfectly suited for geopolitical and investigative content, global warming, greenwashing and environmental topics, spy and crime stories, psychological thrillers, Crime Scene Investigation, fiction, news magazines, and documentaries of any shape or form.